An Intro To Pallets & Their Uses

Wood pallets at L.A. metal recycling center

Scrap Metal Usually Ends Up On One A pallet is a flat structure, which is utilized to carry a range of products while being raised by a forklift. In some locations, but less commonly utilized, metal pallets are also available. Used for moving a lot of heavy stuff all at once, these are seen at […]

Scrapping Your Old PC

Computer keyboard recycled for scrap metal

Metal Recycling in Los Angeles Computers contain metal recycling parts that can be worth money. Is it lucrative to dismantle that old Mac or PC into its constituent metal parts? Perhaps. Does it make sense to recycle it no matter what? You bet! Today the ecological effect of old computer systems, computer associated parts and […]

Looking Closer at Aluminum Scrap

Scrap aluminum melted at foundry in Los Angeles, CA

Variable Pricing in Los Angeles Depending on Items Aluminum scrap has been a mainstay of the recycling industry for decades. Every kid learns early on that collecting used aluminum cans is a quick (or maybe not so quick) way to make some easy spending money.  However, there’s more to scrap aluminum pricing than flattened soda […]

Making a Living By Recycling Aluminum Cans?

Los Angeles homeless recycle aluminum cans

Looking at California’s Recycling Laws Recycling aluminum cans for cash is something most of us may do every once in awhile. Odds are if you live in Los Angeles you’ll toss your empty cans into that blue recycling bin to be picked up on trash/recycling day each week. Sure, it’s good for the environment but […]

Recycling Initiative on November Ballot in California

Non-recycled plastic in California ocean

Effort to Reduce Plastic Waste SACRAMENTO—In recycling news we recently learned that a new initiative will be on the California ballot in November of this year.  Aimed at reducing or eliminating the main sources of plastic waste the California Recycling and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act is officially on the ballot. The ballot measure is supposed […]

State To Urge Californians to Buy Recyclable Items

Los Angeles California recycling center bins

One of Many Recommendations on State’s Recycling System Did you know the recycling system in California was broken? If not broken, at least some in Sacramento consider it in need of an overhaul or update. While no legislation has been passed regarding recycling protocols in the state, a California Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets & […]

Scrappers of Burbank Unite!

Burbank, CA construction project and scrap metal

At San Fernando Valley’s Favorite Scrap Metal Buyers Scrappers of Burbank: there’s a lot going on in your town. We see the progress every time we venture outside the confines of our scrap metal recycling center here in Sun Valley. A cruise down I-5 and we can see the progress on the Burbank Blvd bridge […]

COVID Effects on Los Angeles Recycling Centers

Los Angeles recycling center aluminum rims

Scrap Metal Recycling Unaffected at TM Scrap Metals Los Angeles recycling centers apparently suffered greatly during the height of the coronavirus outbreak. Back in December the Los Angeles times published an article detailing the trials and tribulations of the recycling industry in the Southland. While the result of the Coronavirus was that many scrap metal […]

Metal Recycling and Oil Filter Crushers

Recycling center Los Angeles oil filter metal photo

L.A. Scrap Yard Takes a Look at This Unique Situation Recycling waste items at a Los Angeles recycling center is now viewed as being one of the most crucial elements for any organization, and an auto workshop is no various from the norm. With both ecological advantages in the form of a decrease in the […]

Local Scrap Yard in L.A. Loves Aluminum

Aluminum can recycling at Los Angeles scrap yard

Recycling Aluminum Cans a Popular Pastime Your local Los Angeles scrap yard, TM Scrap Metals, is the first name in scrap metal recycling. Through our gate pass tons of the most recyclable metals in the world.  People who regularly sell scrap metal to a recycling center like ours are well aware of which metals pay […]