Scrap Metal Recycling Facts

A Los Angeles recycling center like TM Scrap Metals sees a lot of different metals come through our doors. It should come as no surprise that one of the top metals we recycle is aluminum from aluminum cans. Aside from being lightweight and relatively easy to collect in exchange for cash, aluminum cans, when recycled, also save a lot of energy. It’s just one more reason that scrap metal recycling company like us performs a valuable service that you may not have thought about period

Los Angeles recycling center aluminum
Los Angeles recycling center aluminum

There’s a wealth of information online about recycling, scrap metal and the benefits of reusing these materials. The website provides an overview of recycling benefits as does the Waste Management website. These are only two out of hundreds if not thousands of websites dedicated to and promoting the idea of recycling.

In Los Angeles and indeed all of California we have seen power outages as well as rolling brown outs, especially during summer months, as a result of us using too much electricity. Anything that can help reduce the drain on our power grid is welcome and that is precisely what scrap metal recycling does.

 It takes much less energy to turn a scrap metal such as aluminum into another product. In the case of aluminum cans it takes 95% less energy to melt them down and make new aluminum cans that it would take to create aluminum cans from all new materials. As the Waste Management website points out, recycling a ton of aluminum six 14,000 kW of energy and something like 1,600 gallons of oil. Those are resources that do not have to be used because we are recycling.

You may never have thought about the amount of energy saved by recycling scrap metal but it’s food for thought. Every ton of metal that you bring to a scrap metal recycling center like TM Scrap Metals in Los Angeles means thousands of gallons of fuel and thousands of kilowatts of energy can be used elsewhere. If you need to recycle scrap metal in Burbank, Los Angeles or San Fernando valley area call TM Scrap Metals. And remember we have a mobile recycling service so we can come to you matter where you are.