At San Fernando Valley’s Favorite Scrap Metal Buyers

Scrappers of Burbank: there’s a lot going on in your town. We see the progress every time we venture outside the confines of our scrap metal recycling center here in Sun Valley. A cruise down I-5 and we can see the progress on the Burbank Blvd bridge that will soon (once again) span Interstate 5 and connect the two halves of Burbank. Near that bridge construction however, it’s apparent that another big construction project is going on in downtown Burbank. This is the First Street Village project which was begun not too long ago and is slated for completion in 2023. It will occupy the area of downtown Burbank on First Street, from Magnolia to the alley southeast of Palm. The 6-story buildings will house retail shops as well as apartments on the top floors.

Burbank, CA construction project and scrap metal
Burbank, CA is undergoing a construction boom. Scrappers can bring construction metals to us!

That’s not the only construction project going on—not by a long shot. Avion Burbank is the largest construction project in the San Fernando Valley and it looks it. We see it every time we drive down Hollywood Way on our way from Sun Valley to Burbank. This project is nearing completion and will contain warehouses, retail, restaurants and a hotel. The warehouses alone (which will be used by Amazon) total more than 1 million square feet.

There are other projects in the works or being considered by the Burbank City council. All this means a host of construction and all the leftover materials that invariably come with building. Some metal materials used in construction include things like rebar, metal sheathed electrical wires, those bright and shiny copper wires we love so much as well as metal items that may be specific to the design of a particular building. To Burbank or other San Fernando Valley scrappers, we say, if you’ve got a bunch of waste construction materials (metal, of course) or construction or demolition debris, TM Scrap Metals is the destination to bring those metals to for cash!

Burbank construction generates debris and scrap metal to be recycled.

We mention Burbank in this post since it does border our Sun Valley location and it’s experiencing a spurt of building in these last couple of years, but the same advice could apply to Glendale scrappers, those in Encino or Woodland Hills. If you find yourself in possession of scrap metal, bring it to us! Or (and here’s where we repeat ourselves ad infinitum) we’ll come to you! Yes, we once again promote our mobile metal recycling service, but why not? It’s true and it makes scrapping for cash extremely simple. Call us and we’ll come to you wherever you are in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley. 818-771-0510.