Los Angeles is always undergoing construction renovation during these processes there are a lot of materials used that contain metal. Not every inch of the material going to be used in the construction process which means that there is probably going to be some leftover metal that can be sold for scrap. Some of these metals are relatively high paying.  Below is a list of the top seven metals you can sell as scrap. Keep in mind that nonferrous metals aluminum, brass copper are going to pay more than ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are those metals that contain iron.

Most valuable scrap metals in Los Angeles
Most valuable scrap metals in Los Angeles


Scrap copper is a great metal to recycle because it pays a lot. Copper is in high demand and you can find it in many places around the house. This includes things like appliances–including the wires to those appliances–as well as old copper pipes. If you’re doing some plumbing there’s a good chance that you have some leftover copper that can be recycled for scrap


On the heels of copper  is brass. This is another high-paying scrap metal that is found in a lot of household items. Brass is found in things like door handles or trophies or electrical components. You may not realize how much brass you have lying around your house but it’s used for a lot of things which is why it’s a valuable metal. And it’s easier to recycle then it is to create brass from scratch.


Silver is another metal makes a lot of sense to recycle. In some cases a scrap metal dealer can pay you more for your silver then what you might get elsewhere.  You probably know that you have a lot of old silver on hand and things like silverware–of course–or old jewelry and things of that nature. Taking your old excess silver to the scrap metal dealer is a way to make easy cash.


Aluminum is one of the most recognizable metals at the recycling center because we’re so familiar with aluminum drink cans and so many people collect fees for recycling. Aluminum, as we refer to earlier, is a nonferrous metal and can fetch more than those metals which contain iron. Aluminum cans are not the only items made from this metal and you may have other aluminum objects around your home that can be recycled for cash at a scrap metal yard like ours. Think about bicycle frames, parts of an automobile and even computers. All these contain aluminum.

Recycling scrap metal in your Los Angeles backyard

Stainless Steel

Recycling stainless steel for cash is often overlooked because so many objects today are made from stainless steel. However, the value of stainless steel often comes from the fact that is made up of other metals such as chromium or nickel.  Depending on the amount of nickel in stainless steel you may get more or less cash for recycling.  Still, do not overlook this common metal. Because it’s resistant to rust stainless steel can be found in a lot of kitchen tools and automobile parts.


Gold as a scrap metal doesn’t seem obvious but it can be a lucrative metal to recycle for cash. Yes, we’re all familiar with gold jewelry or coins but gold is used in a lot of electronics. If the old electronic devices you have on hand contain gold it can be a good idea to  recycle these. Extracting precious metals like gold from electronics is known as harvesting. It’s not easy to extract gold from some electronic devices but gold prices are at all-time highs and you can get a higher return on this metal than other types of scrap metal.


Lead may not be the most glamorous scrap metal but I can’t prove to be lucrative at the scrap metal yard. That’s because lead is traditionally coveted by recycling centers and in high demand.  It may be more difficult to transport to the scrap metal dealer given its heavy weight. Luckily, TM Scrap Metals does have a mobile recycling feature and can come to you to pick up this profitable scrap metal.