Extra Cash in Your Pocket for Discarded Metal

Aluminum rims for scrap can be a great way to pick up some extra cash. If you’re new to scrap metal recycling you may think the only things you can really recycle are aluminum cans or plastic or glass bottles. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to scrapping.

As we’ve written in previous scrap metal posts on this site there’s a big market for scrap metals. Aluminum, for example, is always in demand because it’s so much more efficient and cheaper to recycle this metal than to make it from scratch.  Can aren’t the only things made from aluminum and if you’re creative and clever you can end up with a pocketful of cash for someone else’s discarded scrap metals.

Los Angeles: aluminum rims scrap prices
Once discarded, aluminum rims for scrap means cash in your pocket in L.A.

We’ve also written that as a Los Angeles metal recycling center we provide a valuable service by recycling. This keeps so many items out of landfills. Regardless, some people are still uninformed (or lazy) and end up dumping old appliances (or other metal items) on the roadside when they could have just as easily have dropped those items off at TM Scrap Metals and walked away with cash. They would have gotten rid of their scrap metal, kept the environment clean and gotten some money in the bargain. Why, why WHY not bring those scrap items to us?

Still, when someone else is too lazy to recycle metal for cash, enterprising scrappers can pick up those metal items and bring them to us. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and discarded metal items mean cash for you if you pick them up. As the embedded YouTube video shows, one smart scrapper found a set of discarded aluminum rims at a car auction. They were thrown out as trash, but with a small amount of effort this scrapper turned a pile of trash into a $40 payday.  Check out our pricing page for aluminum scrap prices.

Aluminum Rims, Radiators and Other Scrap Car Parts

Aluminum rims can most often be found in places that deal with automobiles such as car auctions. Here near our Sun Valley, CA location we have a famous auto auction site in Copart. Could a trip to one of these auction locations provide you with some discarded aluminum rims?  Aluminum radiators? Who knows? It pays (literally) to keep your eyes open. And should you find some discarded aluminum, it’s only a few minutes to TM Scrap Metals where we pay cash for that found scrap.

Aluminum cans aren’t the only player on the block. Now that you know that many metal items other people have thrown away can be a source of cash when you do find a trove such as scrap aluminum wheels, you know where to bring them. Take advantage of someone else’s laziness. Sit back and smile as you count the cash someone else just threw away! Call us at 818-771-0510.