Los Angeles Recycling Center Pays Cash for Scrap

Stainless steel scrap prices” is a popular search on Google.  A few thousand people search for this term each month. It’s not hard to determine why. Although a common metal stainless steel is important invaluable because it’s made up other metals that in and of themselves are valuable. Think about nickel for molybdenum. Yesterday we wrote a brass scrap prices because the mental fetches a good price per pound but stainless steel is also a good metal to recycle.

Scrap stainless steel prices in Los Angeles
Stainless steel is a good metal to recycle for scrap

Many scrappers that come through our doors are repeat customers and they have extensive experience in metal recycling. However, if you’re just getting into scrapping and you’re looking for a Burbank recycling center, probably one of the first things you’ll do is look up the price of stainless steel scrap. There are a number of websites available that list scrap metal prices (in indeed TM Scrap Metals has its own scrap metal pricing page)  you’ll probably run into a site like scrapmonster.com which List the various metal prices and compares things like prepared versus unprepared scrap.

Taking a look at their continuously updated list you can see that unprepared stainless steel scrap goes for about $.22 per pound where is prepared stainless steel scrap fetches about $.45 per pound. There’s a difference on the order of 50% between prepared and unprepared stainless steel and the question arises, are you as the seller of scrap metal, willing to do what it takes to prepare the metal you want to recycle?

It’s the same principle that we touched on when talking about wire recycling. TM Scrap Metals, as a scrap metal dealer, is equipped to strip insulated copper wire, whereas most people you don’t have the equipment, the time or both and would simply prefer to bring in the unprepared scrap metal–for example insulated copper wire–and leave the wire recycling to us. The same question remains when you’re talking about stainless steel scrap. Do you have the time or the desire to prep it?

At our scrap metal yard there are a number methods you can choose from when selling your scrap metal to us. They range from the easiest–absolutely hands off, we take care of everything–to the more labor intensive do-it-yourself options. The choice is up to you. No matter what, our recycling center will still pay top prices in the Los Angeles scrap metal market.

If you’ve got stainless steel scrap to sell, contact TM Scrap Metals the number one name in Los Angeles scrap metal recycling. 818-771-0510.