Cash for Scrap Also Helps Environment

Scrap metal buyers, TM Scrap Metals in Los Angeles, provides more than just cash for scrap metal. Each pound of metal we recycle is one pound that does not go into a landfill.

If you check out with the Environmental Protection Agency website and their statistics on landfill use in United States you’ll see that they refer to what we might call trash as “municipal solid waste” or MSW. According to their statistics the amount of MSW generated is equal to about 5 pounds for every person in the United States. In 2018 that all added up to 292 million tons of waste. All that waste, unless it is recycled, has to go somewhere and that usually ends up in one of the many landfill areas in our country.

As the population of the United States grows so does the output of MSW and as the EPA shows on their website, has increased from about 200 million tons in 1990 to almost 300 million tons as of 2018. A significant portion of MSW was recycled, about 69 million tons.  Paper and paper products were the most highly-recycled substances at about 67% and metals made up about 13%. 13% of 69 million tons is nothing to sneeze at and we are proud  at TM Scrap Metals that we could contribute to this percentage of recycled materials.

landfill image L.A. scrap metal company
Scrap metal recycling Los Angeles saves landfill acreage.

We like to say it’s a win-win situation for us as well as our customers, and of course the environment. Our customers who bring scrap metal such as copper, brass, aluminum or wire to be recycled  are paid for these scrap metals so there is some financial benefit. As a scrap metal dealer in Los Angeles of course we make our own profit on the exchange. And finally, metals that can be recycled (and we are talking about tons of metals) do not take up space in our nations landfills.   The longer we can delay having to use new land for MSW disposal is a benefit to everybody in our community.

We encourage everyone in the greater Los Angeles area to make use of our Burbank recycling center and bring your scrap metals to us. Once again we remind you that we also offer mobile recycling so if you can come to us, we can certainly come to you, pick up your access scrap metals and bring them back to our metal recycling yard in Sun Valley. We’ll continue to recycle and you do your part by bringing your scrap metals to us.