Inside a Burbank Recycling Center

Scrap metal recycling centers use various tools to determine what kind of metals have been delivered to them. One of the most basic tools is a magnet. A magnet can be used to determine whether the metal is ferrous or nonferrous.

Los Angeles recycling center magnet
Los Angeles recycling center magnet

Ferris metals include things like iron or steel. These are very plentiful metals and as such they’re not going to bring the same price at a scrap metal recycling center that nonferrous metals would. Examples of nonferrous metals are copper or aluminum. Metals like this bring higher prices for a number of reasons including the fact that they are more conductive to electricity, are corrosion resistant and are lighter than metals like steel or iron.

A Los Angeles scrap metal recycling center will use other tools determine what types of metal are being delivered to them, and some of these tools are quite sophisticated. For you, the seller of scrap metal, it may be advantageous to separate some of the scrap metals you have on hand before bringing them to the scrap metal recycling center near you. At the most basic level you can at least see what type of metal you have on hand with the help of a magnet. The magnet need not be expensive or sophisticated. Any old refrigerator magnet is going to stick to a ferrous metal like steel, but slide off nonferrous metal like copper or aluminum.

If you’re interested in how a scrap metal dealer determines what type of metals he’s dealing with you can check out this article on which goes into some greater detail.  Just be aware, however, that some metals such as the nonferrous metals copper, brass, aluminum, etc. are going to have a higher value then steel or iron. Also, the price of the metal will vary from day to day so be sure to check out TM Scrap Metals’ metal pricing page to see what the latest approximate price per pound or ton of any particular metal is.

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