Recycling Tips For Los Angeles

In metal recycling, we like to say “copper is king!” That doesn’t mean other scrap metals don’t pay well, it’s just that copper has a high price so compared to other scrap metals, you get more “bang for your buck.”

That said, it also depends on the amount of metals you bring in to a recycling center like TM Scrap Metals. A handful of copper wire will pay a good price per pound but if it’s only a few ounces, your payout won’t be that substantial. Compare that to a set of aluminum rims from an automobile. Aluminum may pay a lower price per pound than copper but a set of wheels is fairly heavy. That means you’ll likely walk out of our scrap metal yard with a substantial chunk of change in your pocket.

copper staute for metal recycling
Metal recycling candidate? Maybe not.

If you’re looking to maximize the cash for scrap metal you receive, wait until you’ve collected a significant amount of metals before bringing them in to us. If you’re a contractor or construction company, those odds and ends of copper wire or plumbing can add up.

Brass is another good metal for recycling. If you’re looking for something bigger than a faucet or hose bib think about recycling your junk car’s radiator. That’s a larger amount of metal in one place and your payout will be higher. Seasoned scrappers in Los Angeles come to know what metal is “hot” and what sources are to find such metals. It pays (literally) to be creative when looking for metals to recycle.

In sum, yes, copper is still king, but depending on the amount of metals you have on hand, any great amount of nonferrous metals is going to mean a larger payment to you. And, if we’re talking huge amounts of scrap metals, we can assist in bringing them to us. Use our mobile recycling offer where we come with our truck and pick up your metals. It makes it all the easier.

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