Scrap Metal Dealers Aid Your Bottom Line

Los Angeles recycling center money

L.A. Recycling Center Drives Down Production Cost Los Angeles recycling center TM Scrap Metals can assist businesses by helping to save money on production costs. Sun Valley, California, where TM Scrap Metals is located (on the border of Burbank), is home to several manufacturing companies. These range from medical device manufacturers to aerospace. In each […]

Scrap Metal Prices in Burbank/Los Angeles Compared

Metal recycling Los Angeles

Scrap Metal Recycling in Other Cities Less? Scrap metal recycling in Los Angeles higher priced than other states? Well, if you’re thinking that you can take that load of scrap copper or scrap aluminum across the border to, say, Arizona or Nevada and get a better rate, forget it. The rates for scrap metal prices […]

Scrap Metal Recycling Methods

Scrap metal hardness test: copper

Los Angeles Area Scrap Metal Hardness Test Scrap metal recycling centers in Los Angeles–including TM Scrap Metals in the Burbank area—use different tools or methods to identify particular metals.  In a previous scrap metal post we discussed using a magnet to differentiate between ferrous and nonferrous metals but that only goes so far. Let’s say […]

Copper Recycling in Los Angeles

Scrap metal recycling Los Angeles: copper

Burbank/Sun Valley’s TM Scrap Metals Pays Top Dollar Copper recycling in Los Angeles has gotten a lot of attention in recent years due to the fact that copper is one of the higher-paying scrap metals. Indeed we got to the point where people were actually stealing copper pipes to be able to take them to […]