A Glimpse Inside A Scrap Metal Yard Near You

A recycling center Burbank, CA, TM Scrap Metals is located in Sun Valley, CA. One glance at the map and you’ll see we are virtually in Burbank (our immediate neighbor to the southeast). So, prospective scrappers, what can you expect from this scrap metal recycling facility?

Those familiar with our facility know that we’re on Tuxford St. The neighborhood is predominantly given to industrial businesses such as ours. Tuxford St.—for those coming from Burbank—is a simple left turn off of Glenoaks Blvd. driving north. In addition, our location is convenient not only to Burbank but to much of this part of the San Fernando Valley since we are so close to Interstate 5. Tuxford St. can be accessed directly from I-5 via the 152 exit.

It’s only a couple minutes’ drive to our location at 11092 Tuxford St. Once you arrive you’ll be greeted by one of our helpful scrap metal staff who will arrange to calculate the type and amount of metal you’re bringing for recycling and how much money you will receive. For those interested in current scrap metal prices please check out the pricing page on this website.

Burbank recycling center near freeway
Burbank recycling center near freeway

For those accessing our recycling center from Burbank, a drive on Glenoaks is a straight shot but using Interstate 5 can eliminate some of the stop and go traffic that surface streets are prone to. Similarly, those in the northeastern portion of the San Fernando Valley can take I-5 south to our location.

Recycling Center for Burbank Residents

With many recycling centers the process is as follows: drive in, drop off your scrap metal (usually aluminum cans) and drive away. Yes, that’s great for the environment, but we think you ought to benefit too—as in get some cash for that scrap metal! Burbank residents that collect or amass various types of scrap metals can easily transport them to TM Scrap Metals for payment. Burbank builders or construction companies can do likewise as they are prone to have some excess scrap metal following construction.

Those not in Burbank are still close to us. That’s because our mobile recycling team can come to any location in the southland to pick up your scrap. This makes perfect sense for those who have scrap metal to sell but don’t have the equipment to transport it. Just dial our number and we’ll handle the rest. Let us do the heavy lifting and you keep your hands clean!

Need to get rid of that excess metal and make some money at the same time? Call or visit your Burbank close recycling center, TM Scrap Metals today!