The Ins and Outs of Scrap Metal in the Los Angeles Area

Scrap metal recycling is not the most glamorous or well-known business in Burbank, California. Many Los Angeles residents may not even give it a second thought. However, you may want to look into your local scrap metal recycling facility because you may be sitting on a gold mine. Well, perhaps not a gold mine but a copper, aluminum, brass or steel mine maybe hiding right in your very own backyard or inside your home.

Environmental Reasons for Scrap Metal Recycling

There are a variety of reasons why you would want to use a local scrap metal recycling yard, one of which his concern for the environment. Anytime you take something and recycle it (that is, reusing it for another, new purpose) you’re keeping whatever it is out of landfills. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA for short notes on their website that total amount of trash—what’s called MSW for municipal solid waste—is almost 300,000,000 tons per year for the United States. This statistic doesn’t even take into account other sources of trash such as debris from construction or demolition so the totals for the amount of waste going into American landfills may be much higher.

Scrap metal recycling Los Angeles: pipes
Scrap metal recycling Los Angeles

Landfills, the places where are we actually throw things away, tend to fill up rapidly because of the amount of waste that we generate. Any efforts to reduce this amount, through things like recycling, is helpful. And recycling any scrap metal that you have on hand contributes to a reduction in waste levels.

Making Money Through Scrap Metal Recycling

If the altruistic reason for scrap metal recycling wasn’t enough, there is another lucrative reason to take advantage of this process. Quite simply scrap metal recycling yards such as TM scrap metals in the Burbank, California area will pay you for your various metals. Every type of metal has a value. Some are worth more per pound than others. For example, copper is a more expensive metal then aluminum. However some metals may be in greater supply than others. Just think about the number of aluminum soft drink cans that are produced annually. Thank also of the number of these you find on the side of the road. It’s no wonder so many people save their aluminum drink cans for recycling. It’s an easy way to get some extra cash. And while aluminum cans may be the most common element that gets recycled, really any other type of metal can be recycled and a recycling center will pay a certain amount for any of these metals.

Some metals will come in different forms such as coated wires, tubes or things like Romex wires, and each is going to have its own unique price per pound. Scrap metal prices will very from day today so it’s incumbent on you to check the prices in your area to estimate what amount you may get from recycling. You can also check out pages such as TM Scrap Metal’s scrap pricing page or by doing a search for something like “scrap metal prices Los Angeles.”

Whether you decide to use a scrap metal recycling company such as ours for environmental reasons or simply for the financial benefit it pays—literally—to work with a trusted name in Los Angeles scrap metal recycling. In the Burbank area that’s us: TM scrap metals.