Los Angeles’ Best Scrap Metal Buyers

scrap stainless steel recycled for profit Los Angeles
Scrap stainless steel recycled for profit in Los Angeles

Recycling scrap metal can be a profitable enterprise. Just ask us! We wouldn’t be in the scrap metal business and for so many years if it weren’t a lucrative undertaking. We here at TM Scrap Metals have been doing this for a long time and have become one of (if not THE) best scrap metal yards in Los Angeles. There are several components to how the scrap metal recycling process works and we are just one cog in that wheel.

Scrappers Recycling for Cash

Scrap metal businesses like ours exist to serve our local community. For us, that’s Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Scrappers (those of you in our surrounding areas that collect scrap metal in order to sell it for cash) bring their metals to us creating a constant supply of metal that we can recycle and/or sell to other companies who need metal for manufacturing. As we’ve repeatedly stated in these pages, it’s much cheaper to use recycled metals than to forge them anew. That helps keep those manufacturers’ costs lower. A scrap metal dealer like us will buy and sell all types of scrap metals. We deal primarily in non-ferrous metals (without iron in them) since it makes financial sense for us. Other metal recycling businesses may deal in ferrous metals as well, such as iron and steel.

Selling scrap metal in Los Angeles for profit

The constant need for scrap metal can mean a source of income for you, the scrapper. If you have (or find) metal that you are no longer using it makes perfect sense to bring it to the scrap metal buyer to make some money.

Scrap Metal Recycling Centers

Once we pay our scrappers for their metals the process of separating one metal from another begins. Ideally metals would be separated prior to making their way to our scrap yard but if there is some copper mixed in with aluminum, it’s going to have to be separated before we sell it to a company in search of scrap metals.

Scrap metal recycling may seem like a small, insignificant business but it’s not. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Just think about how many soft drink cans there are in your city, let alone the United States or the world. Millions upon millions of cans are created each day and that process gets repeated day after day, year after year. The metal for each of those aluminum cans has to come from somewhere. Do you think it’s easier to dig up aluminum from the ground and process it or is it easier to take an old aluminum can and melt it down to use again? That’s a rhetorical question because we know you know the answer. That’s why scrap metal recycling companies like ours are needed.

Scrap Metal Pickup in Southern California

Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and Southern California is home to a lot of metal fabrication so Angelenos have a consistent need for metal. TM Scrap Metals works to supply that need. That’s why we strive to be L.A.’s top scrap metal recycling facility. If you have never scrapped—never sold scrap metal for profit—we urge you to bring your excess metal to us! Even if you’re in another non-L.A. city like Pasadena or El Monte, Glendale, Burbank or even Simi Valley and you’re reading this article, you don’t even necessarily have to live or work nearby our Sun Valley, CA location. Scrappers in those other areas need only pick up the phone and call us to take advantage of our mobile recycling. That’s right, we come to you!

TM Scrap Metals has served the metal recycling needs of Los Angeles for over a decade. Whether it’s scrap brass, stainless steel, bright, shiny copper wires or aluminum cans, make plans to bring it to us (or call us for scrap metal pickup) an profit from your scrap metal! 818-771-0510.