Best Metals to Recycle for Cash

Scrap metal recycling in Los Angeles is an odd thing to write about as having stars. We’re using the term stars here as in movie stars. Then again, being in Southern California and so close to Hollywood perhaps we can indeed use the term. Scrap metal recycling is not the most glamorous thing you could imagine but even this industry has its top performers and one of those is brass.

Brass scrap recycling Los Angeles
Brass scrap recycling Los Angeles

You may not give much thought to brass but it’s one of the more higher-paying scrap metals for a number of reasons. First and foremost, brass is not as readily available some other metals such as aluminum, copper or even stainless steel. One other reason is that it’s more cost-effective to recycle scrap brass then it is to create brass anew. If you recall your high school chemistry, brass is a combination basically of copper and zinc melted together. Other elements may be added to this to give brass extra strength but at its most basic it is combination of zinc and copper. You can see how it’s easier to melt down a batch of scrap brass and repurpose it.

For those would-be scrappers who want to get top dollar for their scrap metals, brass is often good idea. You may have to hunt for sources of brass but you can find it in places like light fixtures, handrails, locking mechanisms and bolts. The whole process of making something from scrap metals is quite interesting and that’s why we include this video of brass being created at a foundry from scrap copper with some zinc added.

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