Cash for Scrap for In-Demand Metals

Recycling metals in Los Angeles is big business. You might not think it to look at a scrap metal recycling center (like TM Scrap Metals, Inc.) since most of the scrap yards are located in L.A.’s more industrial areas. However, the scrap metal recycling industry is expected to generate more than 23 billion dollars in 2021. Despite ups and downs, price fluctuations and even a pandemic thrown into the mix, recycling scrap metal is something in demand since manufacturers need metal and recycling it is cheaper than creating those same metals from scratch.

Just about every metal you can name is on the recycling list, although we don’t get much call for ytterbium ‘round these parts. Some scrap metal buyers will deal in ferrous metals as well as non-ferrous, but for us at TM Scrap Metals, our focus is on non-ferrous metals. Why? For us it makes economic sense. Yes, iron (whose elemental symbol on the periodic table if Fe—hence Ferrous) will always have a demand, but non-ferrous metals have a higher demand for various reasons.

aluminum can non ferrous metal recycling Los Angeles
Aluminum can: part of non ferrous metal recycling in Los Angeles

Take any non-ferrous metal (e.g., aluminum) and you’ll at once recognize it is corrosion resistant. Brass or stainless steel are similar. Non-corrosion is a big deal. It means those things made from non-ferrous metals will have a longer usable lifetime and as such are in higher demand. Think about the aluminum rims on your car. They’re not going to rust away after you drive through a rushing torrent during a rainstorm. That stainless steel kitchen knife won’t be oxidizing just because you ran it under hot, soapy water to clean it. It will be there in pristine condition for years to come.

We’ve touched on brass as well in our brass scrap prices post a while back. There’s a reason brass was (and is) used in nautical equipment. It won’t rust. There’s not a large market for iron trumpets, either.  And copper is famous for its use in plumbing. It might develop a green patina over the years but you’ll be long gone before copper rusts away. It just doesn’t.

TM Scrap Metals LOVES non ferrous metals!

Suffice it to say that non-ferrous metals are used to a great extent in myriad ways and things. Whatever needs to be produced with a particular metal means that metal will be in constant demand. Creating brass on the fly from an admixture of copper and zinc is time consuming and costly. Hence manufacturers continue to depend on scrap metal recycling centers like TM Scrap Metals in Los Angeles. The non-ferrous metals are in higher demand than ferrous metals and as such allows us to make a greater profit as well as being able to pay more to scrappers looking to make cash for their scrap.

For those with time on their hands, scouring some of Los Angeles’ dumpsters, or auto auctions for metal leftovers can mean a nice chunk of change in your pocket for a little bit of dirty work. Even if you’re not one of those mercenary scrappers and perhaps just a construction company or demolition business with excess metals, bringing it to your local Los Angeles scrap metal dealer means less waste, more money coming back to the company, less use of landfill (as well as a profit for us!).

Los Angeles’ Scrap Location

If you find yourself in possession of non-ferrous scrap metal in Los Angeles, the next step is clear. You need to bring that scrap to us. Or use our mobile metal recycling service where we come to you! Either way, TM Scrap Metals is the company you want to deal with when selling scrap for cash. Call us today! 818-771-0510.