China Uses Less, Uses Different System

Stainless steel scrap is an item we regularly see in our Los Angeles metal recycling yard. As we detailed in earlier metal recycling posts one of the values stainless steel is that other metals such as nickel can be gotten from it during the recycling process. Here in the United States, stainless steel production relies on as much as 80% recycled material. Other countries such as India also have high percentage of recycled stainless steel in their production. According to Recycling Today, however, China has a different system and uses much less recycled stainless steel.

stainless steel scrap in electric car
Stainless steel scrap use may be much less in electric cars

That means that the market for scrap stainless steel in China is going to be much less than countries such as the United States. As Recycling Today states in their article, China is very dependent on nickel pig iron in their stainless production and as a result uses only about 25% of scrap stainless steel as feedstock.

Scrap Stainless Steel Prices May Drop With Electrics

Another interesting fact regarding the future of stainless steel prices comes from the fact that there is a big, global push for all electric cars. Compared to internal combustion vehicles, electric cars will not use as much stainless steel and them since the majority of these metals are found in the exhaust system of internal combustion vehicles.

We will have to keep an eye on the stainless steel scrap market in the future, however for now, in the United States, and certainly in Los Angeles area, stainless steel scrap can be a profitable metal to take to the scrap metal dealer. For more in-depth information about this, please read the recycling today article and its entirety.  If, however, you simply want the best price for your scrap stainless steel and want to bring it to the nearby recycling center, bring it to TM Scrap Metals on Tuxford Street in Sun Valley, just across the border from Burbank. 818-771-0510.