Metal Recycling Center Nearby in Sun Valley

Your Burbank recycling center is TM Scrap Metals in neighboring Sun Valley. In fact you can’t get any closer to Burbank and still be another city. That’s what makes us so convenient.

For Burbank residents or businesses that want to recycle non-ferrous metals for cash, we’re the location you want to hard-code into that GPS device? Why? Convenience, for one thing. Our Tuxford Street location is only minutes from Burbank. One straight shot up Glenoaks Blvd and a turn onto Tuxford and you’re here!

Burbank Recycle Center may be a familiar term to Burbank citizens, but try to get cash for your scrap metals inside the Burbank city limits and you’ll be disappointed. With only a few minutes’ drive from the Media City you can turn those non-ferrous metals into dollars. It’s a win-win proposition since we get the scrap metals we need and you get rid of the metals you DON’T need. Plus you walk away with money in your pocket. It doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling Near Burbank

While TM Scrap Metals can be literally anywhere in Southern California and the greater Los Angeles area thanks to our mobile recycling service, many people—especially those in Burbank, Glendale and surrounding areas—opt to bring their metals to us. We’re close. We’re convenient. We pay cash for scrap.

non-ferrous metal at Burbank recycling center
Old brass: a key non-ferrous metal at our Burbank recycling center

What’s the best scrap metal to recycle with us? It’s the non-ferrous metals that are the best paying and in the highest demand. As we’ve stated before in earlier Burbank recycling center posts non-ferrous metals (things like aluminum, nickel, lead, tin, brass, silver, or zinc) are those metals that do not contain any (or much) iron. One way to determine the type of metal (ferrous or non-ferrous) is by using a magnet. A magnet will attach itself to ferrous metals like iron but not to non-ferrous metals like copper or brass.

While you may only be interested in how much a particular metal pays per pound or ton, you may be interested to know why these types of metals are in demand. Many non-ferrous metals share characteristics such as tensile strength and corrosion resistance.  Properties like these mean these metals are useful for many purposes. Recycling these metals means, of course, that they don’t have to be created from scratch—a costly and time-consuming process. Manufacturers would much rather melt down preexisting metals to utilize in their needs and recycling centers like TM Scrap Metals provide the scrap those companies need. You, as the recycler (or scrapper) play a key role in providing those materials (non-ferrous metals) in the first step of the recycling process.

In Burbank and the surrounding area, scrappers like you need a recycling center to deal with and once again that’s us. Have you got non-ferrous metals you need to get rid of while making cash in the bargain? Call us at TM Scrap Metals or just drop your metals off at our Sun Valley location. Cash for scrap. It’s a beautiful concept!